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Our Story -

Clarity in vision

The story of Montiere, derived from the latin word for mountain, began with the vision of a timepiece fundamentally driven by clean geometric forms and balanced visual composition. At the core of Montiere’s inception lies three simple ideas: a need to provide a lasting product experience that rivals that of the opulent brands that are reserved for the wealthy; a brand inspired by the minimalism of early 20th century architecture and which sources its most treasured components from the long standing tradition of crafts in the countries of the alps.

Simplicity in design

Inspired by the Bauhaus movement, we have looked to take a scientific approach to the design, whereby the mechanical and industrial design of the watch face is showcased rather than obscured with unnecessary ornamentation - a minimalist product being the key end result.

Honesty in construction

The alps stand as one of continental europe’s most elegant displays of natural beauty, ranging from the serenity of Lake Como to the blizzarding peaks of the Chamonix. From a Swiss movement actually made in Switzerland, Swiss sapphire glass and Italian calf leather, Montiere harnesses the tradition of craft in the countries that lie along europe's most extensive mountain range.

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